Out of the Rubble

As a woman we are faced with many complicated challenges. However, we persevere. We have a way of coming out of the storm and with wobbly knees, we stand. However, with wobbly knees we are deeply scarred. Our outer appearance is well kept, we dusted ourselves off, we patched up existing wounds with temporary “Fixes”, but what about the inner girl. The child, the teen, the abused, the rejected and the abandoned part of you. Did she ever get a complete makeover in the inside? Did she ever forgive her abuser? Did she ever fill the empty void in her soul? Or did she just come out of the rubble with scars not only outside but in the inside. Wounds on the outside are easy to patch up. However, the wounds and scars in the inside are not as easy to see, because they are hidden from everyone, including yourself. What is your temporary fix? Is it drinking and self medicating? Are you the isolated one, that won’t come out but won’t let nobody in? Or is the little girl seeking approval and love by giving herself up totally to men, who only will tarnish you, derail you and destroy you. I know of A Man, Who heals all wounds from the inside out. This Man, touches areas within, that no human form can touch. His name came with Power, Authority and His love consumes the very being of our souls. His name is Jesus! I was a woman on the outside but a broken little girl in the inside. There was a voice screaming, crying from within, in the form of a child. She wanted the warm touch of the Father but how could she get there. She needed The Savior! I was that woman! I needed that touch from heaven. I needed His Love to captivate me because I was walking fatherless. Where do you find yourself today? Are you willing to allow the Lord to help you out the rubble or are you trying to do it all by yourself, patching it all up with temporary fixes. My beautiful woman come alive in God. He’s the only source.

Thank you for joining me. I want to let you know my story and how God continuously saved me from me. He was my Saving Grace. God Bless☺️

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